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How much money are you planning to spend on time keeping, time tracking equipment for your company ? Since you have already visited some other places on the Internet, you would say about $ 500-600 US ...

Wrong! With PunchClock you can track your employees' hours and print
automated payroll reports for only 
$ 49.99 US

No additional hardware required !

Download a Free Demo version now!

With PunchClock you will waste no time on keeping track of your employees' hours and totaling them. There is no reason to calculate/count the hours manually. Instead, allow PunchClock to generate payroll reports for you and then simply write the checks for your employees. Throw your noisy mechanical clock away and recycle all the paper time cards.

PunchClock can run on any PC that can handle Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista. So, even if you have an old computer sitting around, just install PunchClock on it and you are done.

Choosing the right package

Every company is different. Whenever you run a small store or a big corporation, look at your company's needs to determine which edition of PunchClock suits you best.


  PunchClock PunchClock Pro
Manage up to 150 employees 200 employees
Works on Single computer Multiple computers on a local network
Major difference Allows all the employees to punch IN and OUT from one location Allows the employees to punch IN and OUT from different locations



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