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PerfectPC Services recommends JAM as the best and easiest way to start an affiliate program for a website. PerfectPC Services will install this software on websites hosted with us free of charge!

JROX.COM Affiliate Manager (JAM) = Powerful Affiliate Marketing Software

What Exactly is JAM?

JROX.COM Affiliate Manager, also known as JAM, is an affiliate and membership management system. This system allows you to recruit, manage, and build an army of online affiliates that can help promote your products and services throughout the Internet.

Where does JAM come in?

JAM can be used to help you recruit and manage affiliates as well as give them exclusive access to marketing and promotional tools to promote your business.

These tools have unique tracking codes that your affiliate can use so that any referring customer that they send to you, they will get the proper commission for it.

JAM will also help you manage most of the aspects of your affiliate marketing strategy from signup, to member management, to payment of affiliates, and to keeping proper records of commissions.  It will even manage your affiliate marketing tools such as banner ads, text links, email ads that you can assign to affiliates that will help them to promote your products and services.

Why Use JAM?

The better question is: Why not?  With JAM, you have a world-class affiliate management script that will handle most of your affiliate management tasks.  You can even get started at no initial cost as we offer a free downloadable version.  This version is exactly the same as the licensed version, except itís limited to 50 affiliate members.

Here are just a few reasons where JAM can help you build a successful affiliate program:

  1. Easy Affiliate Signup and Management - JAM creates the affiliate signup forms as well as confirms the affiliate email for you. You also have the option to approve affiliates before they are allowed to login. Welcome Emails with their unique affiliate details for promoting your products are automatically sent to them as well.
  2. Easy Commission Management Ė JAMís commission management features makes your affiliate payments a snap.  Once commissions are generated, you can login to JAM, approve them with one step, and create a mass payment file for upload to your payment processor, such as Paypal. It can all be done in a few minutes.
    You can even set an option to auto-approve your commissions at preset-intervals!
  3. Wide Variety of Marketing and Promotion Tools - Promote your products and services through your affiliates effortlessly by giving them access to banner ads, text ads, text links, hover ads and so much more. And the great thing about this, all you have to do is create the ads in JAM, and the codes are automatically created for your affiliates in the membersí area.
  4. Automatically Send Training and Motivational Materials To Your Affiliates - With JAM, you'll get your own Automatic Follow-Up Module so you can send your new affiliates your very own training materials via email. Create a complete follow-up training sequence to email your affiliates every day, helping them to learn how to promote your products more successfully.
  5. Analyze Your Affiliates Performance - JAM gives you access to a number of reports and graphs for affiliate, website, and commission analysis. You'll know exactly how your affiliates and your marketing tools are performing.
  6. Create Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or CPM Tracking - JAM allows you to create different types of affiliate programs depending on what your needs are. These include Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or CPM(Cost Per Thousand) Tracking
  7. Integrates with Virtually any Payment Processor / Shopping Cart - JAM will integrate with pretty much any shopping cart, payment processor, or thank you page for commission generation

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